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Working tirelessly since 2012

Two branches within walking distance

More than 100 graduates annually

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    Fill out a small form on our website.

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    Come to the first introductory lesson.

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    You sign a contract for the provision of services.

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    Master the language of your choice.

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    After completing the training, you receive

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    Leave positive feedback about us.

What is said about us?

  • Victoria Valeryevna is a good teacher. My child at school began to get good grades because in the courses everyone explains how to read and pronounce words. We are satisfied.Inna Dmitrieva
  • A wonderful school. The child really likes the teacher Ksenia. Every lesson turns into something interesting, so children like to learn English. And this is the main thing!!Anna Tkachenko
  • I recommend this school for both children and adults. I especially want to mention the teacher Mikhailova Ksenia. Children really like and enjoy her lessons. Finds an approach to each child.Mulina O.S.
  • Thank you for your work! I really like the teaching staff, a small group and the presentation of material for independent homework by a child. We will be glad to attend the open lesson....
  • Our teacher Ksenia is very responsible and explains everything well and easily. They easily found a common language with the child. He has been working with her for the third year, during this period there have never been any negative moments. We like everything.Anna Anel
  • I want to mention teacher Ksenia! Very attentive to children, kind and responsive! Thanks to her teaching method, my son fell in love with English classes from the age of 4. On the eve of the class, he asked me every time: "are we going to see Ksyusha today?!" Thank you so much for your contribution! I hope to continue my studies at your center during my school years!Sincerely, Krylova S.N.
  • Many thanks to the Lucky Way Foreign language courses team! I really like the teaching staff. I would like to especially mention our teacher, Ksenia Vladimirovna Mikhailova, for her creative and individual approach to children. Many thanks to Aliya for her organizational work!Zhalbagaeva I.E.
  • We are very pleased with the center and our teacher. Nothing but words of gratitude and many thanks to everyone. There are no comments at all.Parents of Victoria Sorimova
  • We go to Marina Vladimirovna to prepare for school. We were satisfied with the result. The child's writing and counting skills have significantly improved. He learned how to make a sound-letter analysis of a word to make a sentence diagram, much attention was paid to the development of logical thinking. But the most important thing is that the child really enjoyed the lessons, Marina Vladimirovna was able to captivate and motivate him, for which we are very grateful to her....

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  • To determine the level of language proficiency and select the optimal course for you

  • In VKontakte or ask for a feedback form directly in one of our educational centers.

  • Under the contract until the 10th of the current month

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Our English proficiency test consists of 23 questions for teenagers and 26 questions for adults. There are four possible answers to each question, one of which is correct. Select the answer that you think is correct and click on it with the mouse.The exact level of your knowledge of English is determined by the results of an oral interview with a teacher of our center.

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